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We can close fast – If necessary, within 24 hours – or, we can fit your schedule.
We can take your property in “AS IS” condition.
We can offer you a fair price.


We Take Your Property In Any Condition.
We Take Your Property In Any Condition.
We Take Your Property In Any Condition.



7/5/2010, Tim & Susan W.:

Win-Win Real Estate facilitated the timely sale of our home in order to avoid foreclosure.  They took the time to deal in length with Bank of America negotiations.   Several hours worth of phone conversations with the bank.  They dealt with us in a very professional manner; they were able to answer all of our questions and treated us with a great deal of respect.  Win-Win Real Estate took care of every single aspect of our short sale.  We appreciated the great amount of time and effort in dealing with our Bank of America situation.  We would recommend Win-Win Real Estate to certainly anyone with a difficult real estate situation.  Thank you so much!  We owe you so much gratitude for your help and saving our future.

Tim & Susan W. Marine, IL

8/31/2010, Nancy J.:

Win Win Real Estate got straight answers from the banks and attorneys on foreclosure and my options.  They took the time to explain and help me understand that I could take control and avoid foreclosure.    Win Win Real Estate was patient, understanding, caring and very informed in all aspects and honest.  They took care of stopping the foreclosure and selling my home.  We appreciated that Win Win Real Estate handled everything from beginning to end and helped us relocate with dignity.  We would recommend Win Win Real Estate to anyone who is having financial problems and feel helpless.  Thank you for everything. Your help is something I will never forget or be able to repay!

Nancy J. Granite City, IL